dog joint
As the days get shorter and the climate gets colder, Many are excited and getting ready for the coming christmas season. As the cold season is nearly coming, we should prepare our beloved companion for what this season brings especially with dogs that have issues with joint and stiffness problems.

With the ever changing weather conditions, this might make your dog experience joint inflammation or hip dysplasia specially to old dogs. In any case, you don’t have to let your pet endure this problem; there is a wide range of medicines accessible to relieve joint pains.

Impacts of Glucosamine Supplements in Dogs

Glucosamine joint supplements have been used for more than 20 years already in Europe. Now it is being used in the U.S by vets and physicians as a non-vitamin, non mineral dietary supplement. The glucosamine is now the most common supplement for dogs, the product is one of the safest way to help treat dogs with osteoarthritis and crippling effects that millions of aging dogs are now suffering.

As studies glucosamine is not only being used by dogs. It has been succesfully been used to humans, horses and cats. There are many common issues of osteoarthritis on dogs. The most common one is the hip joints. One of the signs if your dog is having issues is if you notice your dog is limping or stiffness especially in the morning when the weather is cold.

So how does the Glucosamine work? It is kinda hard to explain but in a nutshell it is something like this. A dogs cartilage consists of different types of cells, one of this cell is the chondrocytes. This cell helps synthesize new cartilage.

As our dogs grow old, the normal wear and tear of their body just like us humans have will essentially reach to the point that the chondrocytes will not have enough building blocks to build new cartilage’s.

Now here is where the glucosamine works it’s magic. It provides the building blocks needed to help the chondrocytes synthesize new cartilage. thus, making this a very good supplement for our best friends.

How to give Glucosamine to Dogs

When you detect any indications of joint pain in your dog, Consult first from your vet and also get some opinions on your friends or people who are using glucosamine in their dogs. Check online and do some research on the internet to learn some tips on things that you don’t know about.

There are literally hundreds of glucosamine products for your dogs that are very much accessible. You can find them as treats, pills and fluids. If your wondering which would be best and how much grams? or how many should you give to your dogs?.

Many veterinarians recommend to make it a form of a natural supplement, such as bone marrow powder. As a rule of thumb a dog which weigh 10 lbs should get 250 mg and 500 mg for a 25 lbs dog.

Glucosamine usually takes effects after 6-8 weeks but as long as you maintain this supplement on their everyday life you could be sure that this supplement is a way to make your dog healthy and joint pain free.